A Bangladeshi girl hangs on to the side of a train, taken by Tab Tuhin in 2008


im sorry… … i got some bad news… … . drinking tea doesn’t make you anymore intelligent or cultural. i know. take your time.


One of my favorite ‘natural bridges’, in a mossy wonderland near Packwood, Washington.

I can’t believe I’ll be living in the majestic fairy land that is the Pacific Northwest


This morning I overheard a commercial on the radio for some kind of bodysculpt liposuction surgery. The sales pitch was based around “Make your body a work of art”
I felt sad that people actually believe that the only way their bodies are beautiful or “a work of art” is if they’re thin. As an artist myself, I felt appalled by this. How can anybody say that one’s body is more beautiful than another? We are all brought to this planet, made from our parents, or strangers, or whomever; these are our homes, the places we have to live in, and love, and deal with everyday. How could my size lead to me being anything less than a piece of art? Our size does not, and will not ever determine our beauty or worth. We are all beautiful, we have to remember this. 

THE NOTES. Love this girl